Seasonal Vegetable Chips - Assorted thin sliced seasonal fried vegetable
Daily Sunomono - Please ask server for today’s rice-vinegar based seafood salad
Pirikara Cucumber - Spicy cucumber with sesame oil
Suji Nikomi - Beef Tendon cooked overnight in miso
Satsuma Age - House made fish cake with seaweed and local vegetables
Obanzai - Kyoto style cooked local vegetablesThree ways
Sukui Tofu - House made fresh Tofu
Tsukemono - House made “Nuka” (rice bran) fermented vegetable pickles
Mizuna green salad with hijiki, butter beans and sesame vinaigrette

Yakitori - “Salt Koji” marinated grilled chicken on skewers

Tsukune - Grilled chicken meat ball
Negima - Grilled chicken with scallion
Teba - Chicken wing
Sunagimo - Gizzard

Grilled and Sauteed

Iwashi Misoni - Local sardine braised in Miso


Renkon Manju - Lotus root dumpling with shrimp dashi broth
Dobinmushi - Shrimp ball and 3 kind of mushrooms in broth
Chawan-Mushi with Uni - Egg custard with sea urchin


Kurobuta Pork “Kushikatsu” - Bite-size skewered cutlets with Hacho-miso sauce Kara-age Chicken - “Rice Koji” marinated fried chicken


Koshihikari rice cooked in Japanese earthen pot (for two) Okowa - Mochi rice with chestnuts wrapped in bamboo leaf (3 pieces) Vegetable Sushi rolls

All ingredients used are fresh and organic from local and sustainable sources.