Izakaya Yuzuki offers authentic Japanese cuisine in San Francisco, served with gracious hospitality. Each dish, including the Miso and Tofu, is made in-house daily.

Here in Northern California, we are fortunate to be able to access an incredible variety of fresh, local, organic, sustainable and seasonal produce to create our cuisine. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, sustainability, freshness as well as authenticity to Izakaya: the food and culinary traditions of our Japanese ancestors.

Our name Yuzuki (癒月) means healing moon. In Japan, many festivals, rituals and names honor the moon as it provides a healing presence and bestows warmth to your life. It is our hope that our food has this same nurturing effect.

About our Food
Historically, fermented foods are an essential element of Japanese cuisine. Seasonings such as soy sauce (Shoyu), katsuo-bushi and miso are all delicious outcomes of traditional fermentation methods that arguably define Japan’s unique food culture.

Izakaya Yuzuki is the first restaurant in the United States to specialize in food prepared using Koji. This process of natural fermentation makes our food more palatable and easier to digest, with a mild flavor enhanced by naturally-occurring amino acids.

In keeping with our sustainable philosophy, at Izakaya Yuzuki we use Japanese cedar chopsticks from specific Japanese plantations. The cedar has been methodically sown for over 75 years in an environmentally sustainable manner, ensuring our chopsticks are eco-friendly and possess a refreshing, all-natural cedar aroma. Chopsticks used in most establishments today are made from bamboo, which is chemically treated, or Brazilian wood, the demand for which encourages deforestation.