Brunch is back!!

Thank you for waiting such a long time. Our brunch is back.
We are Open Saturday and Sunday 11:30 am – 2:30 pm!

Daikon Salad                                  7
Sashimi Salad                                 12
Cucumber and wakame salad                     8
Assorted Sushi 
6 different kind of fish with cucumber roll   25
10 different kind of fish with tuna roll      35
Seafood Futomaki roll                         12
Mackerel box sushi (saba battera)             16
Over rice
Oyako Donburi (chicken and egg)               12
Garlic steak Donburi                          15
Wakame (Udon or soba)                         11
Seaweed and scallions in hot broth
Ebiten (Udon or Soba)                         16
Shrimp tempura in hot broth
Kakiage (Udon or soba)                        16
Lightly fried vegetables in hot broth
Curry Udon                                    15
Udon with hot curry broth
Zaru soba                                     13
Cold soba noodles served with a cold dipping sauce
Tempura add                                    6
Cha soba 13
Tea soba noodles served with a cold dipping sauce
Tempura add                                    6
Side Dish
Inari sushi (2 pcs)  5
Sushi rice wrapped in fried bean curd

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New bar food menu and 20% off sake bottles (720ml)

New “Otsumami” (Bar Food) menu

Big news for sake lovers!!

All 720ml bottles of sake are 20% off Sundays through Thursdays.
Along with this discount, we have added some new “otsumami” (bar food) items to our weekday menu.
In Japan “otsumami” are usually enjoyed with sake.
Examples are “burdock chips”, “spicy yam cake”, shio koji beef tongue etc.
New items will be introduced depending on availability of ingredients.

Please stay tuned!

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Tasting Menu

We have created a Tasting menu and sake paring to go with it for people new to our authentic Japanese cuisine.

Zaru Tofu
House made fresh tofu from organic soy beans with sea salt
(Hakurosuishu,Daiginjo -Yamagata prefecture)
local seasonal vegetables cooked in 3 different preparations
(Chikurin, Junmai ginjo -Okayama prefecture)
Dungeness crab and fresh Naruto wakame seaweed salad with tosa vinaigrette
(Tomizu ,Tokubetsu Junmai -Yamagata prefecture)
Yakitori set (4)
Grilled skewered koji marinated chicken(2kind), pork belly and vegetables
(Denshu, Junmai – Aomori prefecture)
“salt Koji” marinated fried chicken in Japanese style
(Kokuryu, Junmai ginjo – Fukui prefecture)
Salmon rice
Koshihikari rice and salmon cooked in earthen pot
(Yurimasamune, Futsushu – Akita prefecture)

Tasting menu is $90 for party of two
Sake pairing is $30/person

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Sake Class

Yoshi ( our Sake director, sommelier) is available for your group of sake enthusiasts!

Several people are asking if friends can enjoy and learn about sake as a private event. The answer is “Yes!” If you can gather 8 or more people for a class, we can host a private event for you at the restaurant prior to opening for dinner. The class runs 1.5 hours and costs $50/person which includes Otsumami(snacks to complement the sake).

Please email Yoshi directly at to set up your event.

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