Yuzuki Japanese Eatery

Yuzuki Japanese Eatery is the first Japanese restaurant in the US to introduce a unique menu featuring dishes prepared using “koji”. “Koji” is the fermenting agent used to make many essential Japanese foods, beverages and seasonings including sake, miso and shoyu (soy sauce). The use of “koji” brings out the “umami” of the ingredients, enhancing their flavor and making the food soft and gentle to your body. The preparation of “koji” is a delicate task that demands much time and close attention. As a result, this beautiful and sophisticated tradition has been cast off for faster, cheaper methods of fermentation to mass produce inexpensive seasonings, foods and sake at the cost of the subtle flavors and rich nutrients of naturally fermented products using “koji”. We, at Yuzuki Japanese Eatery, take pride in preparing our dishes using real “koji” so our customers can enjoy the true flavors and tastes of Japan.

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